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Western Views on East Asian Culture
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Contents: Mark Gamsa: China as Seen and Imagined by Roger Baron Budberg, a Baltic Physician in Manchuria - Henry Rosemont Jr./Roger T. Ames: On Translation & Interpretation - Frank Kraushaar: Literary Translation as the Inventive Result of Comparative Analysis: The Case of wen yan and Latvian - Ieva Haas: Translating Classical Chinese Poetry into Latvian - Ayumi Kurosawa: Haiku translated into Latvian - Tatiana A. Pang: The Manchu Language as a Tool of Western-Chinese Cultural Relations in the 17th and 18th Centuries - Adrian Hsia: Lucien Bodard's Literarization of Jiang Qing or The (Legend of the) Cultural Revolution Revisited - Katarzyna Sonnenberg: The «Single Leaf» Abroad. The Approaches to Higuchi Ichiyo Outside Japan - Lucie Bernier : Transformations culturelles ou l'ambiguïté de l'Autre - Jekaterina Stepanova: Landscape Parks and Chinese gardens: Chinese influence on European Gardening in 18th Century - Tatsuo Takahashi: The Influence of Japonism on Japanese Modern Literature - Van Gogh and Akutagawa from the Viewpoint of Eco-criticism - Jekaterina Koort: The Chinese Concept of Blandness (dan) found in the Works of Western Painters - Sher-shiueh Li: Peking Opera in American Context: Reading Stark Young's Reviews of Mei Lan-fang's New York Performances, February and March, 1930 - Till Weingärtner: Samurai Smiles? Unique Guiles? Reflections on Japanese Smiles, Laughter and Humour - Agita Baltgalve: The Changing Shape of Tibetan Scriptures in Western Digital Media - Loreta PoSkaite: The Treatment of Human Body in Chinese Traditional Culture: Reconsidering Chinese and Western Perspectives - Vytis Silius: Terminological Problems in Investigation of the Human Being in Confucianism.
Eastwards is a collection of essays each of whom focuses on a special aspect or on an episode within the cross-cultural narrative that imposes on our minds the terms «West» and «East». The volume assembles seventeen essays by eighteen authors divided into three chapters. Being the outcome of the first international conference for East Asian studies that was held in the Baltic states in 2008 at the University of Latvia in Riga, the volume contains not only contributions by scholars from Vilnius, Tallinn and Riga but also rather rare topics like critiques of translation from Japanese and Classical Chinese into Latvian. The book contains also an essay on the life and personality of an almost neglected Baltic «pioneer» in Manchuria.
Editiert von: Frank Kraushaar
Frank Kraushaar is Associate Professor for Chinese Literature and Culture at the University of Latvia (Riga/Latvia) and Visiting Professor of Chinese Literature at the Estonian Institute of Humanities (Tallinn/Estonia).
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