EIL, ELF, Global English: Teaching and Learning Issues

Linguistic Insights
Teaching and Learning Issues
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Contents: Cesare Gagliardi: Introduction - Alan Maley: The Reality of EIL and the Myth of ELF - Giuseppe G. Castorina: Plain English, Euroenglish and the Fight the FOG Campaign - Lucilla Lopriore: World Englishes and Language Teacher Education in a World in Migration: A Shift in Perspective - Sharon Hartle: Teaching English at the Heart of the Expanding Circle - Nancy Rose Steinbock: Moving from Theory to Active Strategies in the Classroom: 'Language Intervention' as a Dynamic Teaching Model - Stefania Taviano: English as an International Language and the Pedagogy of Translation - Steve Buckledee: Global English and ELT Coursebooks - Paola Vettorel: EIL / ELF and Representation of Culture in Textbooks: Only Food, Fairs, Folklore and Facts? - Enrico Grazzi: Language Transfer Revisited. The Global English Perspective and its Pedagogic Implications - Maria Grazia Busà: Effects of L1 on L2 Pronunciation: Italian Prosody in English - Rafael Monroy-Casas: The Teachability-intelligibility Issue: Vowel Length in GlobEnglish - Kyria Finardi: Information Processing Theory Issues Permeating Working Memory Capacity and L2 Speech Performance and Acquisition - Rongcai Yang: Transformation of Thinking in Chinese Students' Learning of English Vocabulary - Luciana Pedrazzini/Andrea Nava: The ELF of English Language Teachers - Nicos C. Sifakis/Areti-Maria Sougari: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: An Investigation of EFL Teachers' Beliefs on what Keeps them from Integrating Global English in their Classrooms - Mustafa Zülküf Altan: ELT Major University Students' Beliefs on the Role of English, Globalization and Global English - Vanessa Leonardi: 'Do you speak English' or 'Speak (you) English'? The Impact of Non-native Varieties on English Language Teaching - Anna Zanfei: Revisiting the Can-Do statements According to the Use of English in International Context.
How can you teach the English language to global English speakers? Can English be taught as an international language? Is it worth teaching? Isn't it more proper and profitable to learn a standard variety of English? How realistic and useful is the identification of an EIL/ELF variety? Can an EIL/ELF standard be identified? These are some of the questions the present volume has addressed with the contribution of some of the most qualified scholars in the field of English linguistics. The book is divided into four sections. The first part deals with the definition of English as an international language and English as a lingua franca. Section two takes six different teaching issues into consideration. The third section examines some learning issues and the last part of the volume debates the relationship between teacher and student in an English as a lingua franca environment.
Editiert von: Cesare Gagliardi, Alan Maley
The Editors: Cesare Gagliardi is full Professor of English Language and Linguistics, and Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Verona. His research involves phonology, morphological issues and statistical methodology of research applied to English linguistic studies. Alan Maley is Visiting Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. His main interests are creative approaches to materials design, extensive reading issues, teacher development, and creative writing. He has published over 30 books and widely in international journals on issues concerning the English language.
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