The Routledge Handbook to Contemporary Jewish Cultures

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Part 1: Defining Terms: Disciplinary Perspectives 1. Anthropology, Misha Klein 2. Music, Judah M. Cohen 3. Literary Studies, Marc Caplan 4. Sociology, Ben Gidley 5. Religious Studies, Andrea Lieber 6. History, Klaus Hodl 7. Art History, Samantha Baskind and Larry Silver 8. Film, Television, and New Media Studies, Nathan Abrams Part 2: Theorizing Contemporary Jewish Cultures 9. Power, Michael Rothberg 10. Textuality, Devorah Baum 11. Religious/Secular, Naomi Seidman 12. Memory, Nils Roemer 13. Bodies, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett 14. Spaces, Barbara E. Mann 15. Networks, Laurence Roth Part 3: Case Studies in Contemporary Jewish Cultures 16. "Jewface" and "Jewfacade" in Poland, Spain, and Birobidzhan, S.I. Salamensky 17. Television Blackface: Jews, Race and Comedy in the UK and Australia, Jon Stratton 18. Mizrahi/Arab/Israeli/Queer: The Cultural Politics of Dana International, Ted Swedenburg 19. Jewish News Making: Imagining Audiences in the Turkish Public Sphere, Marcy Brink-Danan 20. The Idea of Yiddish: Re-globalizing North American Jewish Culture, Amelia Glaser 21. Yiddish and Multilingual Urban Space in Montreal, Sherry Simon 22. Pop, Piety, and Modernity: The Changing Spaces of Orthodox Culture, Abigail Wood 23. Seeing and Being in Contemporary Orthodox Jewish Dress, Jonathan S. Marion 24. Life Drawing: Autobiography, Comics, Jewish Women, Sarah Lightman 25. Playing with History: Jewish Subjectivity in Contemporary Lens Based Art, Rachel Garfield 26. Scoreboard: Sports and American Jewish Identities, David J. Leonard 27. Theorizing "Jewish Genetics": DNA, Culture, and Historical Narrative, Yulia Egorova 28. Jewish Spirituality and Late Capitalism, Ayala Fader
The Routledge Handbook to Contemporary Jewish Cultures explores the extraordinary diversity of Jewish cultural practices and a multidisciplinary approach to investigating them, presenting the different perspectives, methodologies and arguments that animate this field of study.
Editiert von: Nadia Valman, Laurence Roth
Laurence Roth is Professor of English and Jewish Studies at Susquehanna University, USA. Nadia Valman is Senior Lecturer in English at Queen Mary, University of London, UK.
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