The Concise Encyclopedia of Statistics

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Title is also available as part of a set: The Concise Encyclopedia of Statistics (978-0-387-33828-6)
A.- Acceptance Region.- Accuracy.- Algorithm.- Alternative hypothesis.- Analysis of binary data.- Analysis of categorical data.- Analysis of residuals.- Analysis of variance.- Anderson Oskar.- Anderson Theodore W.- Anderson-Darling test.- Arithmetic mean.- Arithmetic triangle.- ARMA models.- Arrangement.- Attributable risk.- Autocorrelation and partial autocorrelation.- Avoidable risk.
The Concise Encyclopedia of Statistics presents the essential information about statistical tests, concepts, and analytical methods in language that is accessible to practitioners and students of the vast community using statistics in medicine, engineering, physical science, life science, social science, and business/economics.The reference is alphabetically arranged to provide quick access to the fundamental tools of statistical methodology and biographies of famous statisticians. The more than 500 entries include definitions, history, mathematical details, limitations, examples, references, and further readings. All entries include cross-references as well as the key citations. The back matter includes a timeline of statistical inventions. This reference will be an enduring resource for locating convenient overviews about this essential field of study.
Autor: Yadolah Dodge
RezensionFrom the reviews: "This book claims to concentrate 'on the most important topics' (of Statistics) and explain those 'as deeply as space has allowed'. in general, the book is quite easy to read, and the cross-references are useful. In all, it is a useful reference that should be found in many academic and corporate libraries." (Kimmo Vehkalahti, International Statistical Review, Vol. 76 (3), 2008) "The aim has been to provide a short and concise encyclopaedia for those who do not wish to purchase any of the several large or multi-volume encyclopaedias in the field. I am inclined to see this as a library reference book for most scientists. Practising statisticians, particularly those teaching, will probably find this a useful reference book with its original references. worked through mathematical aspects and worked examples." (John Goodier, Reference Reviews, Vol. 23 (2), 2009)
Autor: Yadolah Dodge
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