UML for SOC Design

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UML for SOC supplies tutorial approach to using the UML modeling language in system-on-chip design. It assembles the key contributors from DAC 2004 UML and SoC workshop, with some additional contributions to the book addede by other experts who did not present at the workshop. The selected chapters detail the latest approaches to executable UML, UML translations for FPGA synthesis and SystemC simulation, as well as UML-specific SoC methodologies. They give insights into the current state of the art, and the most recent advances in applying UML to SoC design. They also provide a representative overview of current UML activities in SoC design and give an excellent introduction to UML's application in hardware and hardware/software codesign.
1. When worlds collide (Martin, Müller) 2. Why SoC needs more UML (Mellor, Wolfe, McCausland) 3. UML as a framework for combining different models of computation (Green) 4. A Generic Model Execution Platform for the Design of Hardware and Software(Schattowsky, Müller, Rettberg) 5. Hardware/Software Codesign of Reconfigurable Architectures Using UML (Steinbach, Fröhlich, Beierlein) 6. A Methodology for Bridging the Gap between UML and Codesign (Basu, Lajolo, Prevostini) 7. UML Tailoring for SystemC and ISA Modelling (Agosta, Bruschi, Sciuto) 8. Model-Driven SoC Design (Nguyen, Sun, Thiagarajan, Wong) 9. A Comparison between UML and Function Blocks (Brisolara, Becker, Carro, Wagner, Pereira) 10. A Model-Driven Development Process for Low Power SoC Using UML(Vanderperren, Dehaene)
A tutorial approach to using the UML modeling language in system-on-chip designBased on the DAC 2004 tutorial, applicable for students and professionals
Contributions by top-level international researchers
The best work at the first UML for SoC workshop
Unique combination of both UML capabilities and SoC design issues
Condenses research and development ideas that are only found in multiple conference proceedings and many other books into one place
Will be the seminal reference work for this area for years to come
Editiert von: Grant Martin, Wolfgang Müller
Both Dr. Grant Martin and Dr. Wolfgang Müller have authored and edited successful books for Kluwer in the past, and they are internationally recognized as been experts in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) as well as System-on-Chip design
Autor: Grant Martin
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