Manufacturing Systems

Mechanical Engineering
Theory and Practice
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In addition, this book can be used by academicians and practitioners. It can also be used by practicing manufacturing engineers to gain insight, techniques and methods related to practical issues of manufacturing systems.
Manufacturing Systems: Theory and Practice, Second Edition, provides an overview of manufacturing systems from the ground up. It is intended for students at the undergraduate or graduate level who are interested in manufacturing, industry practicing engineers who want an overview of the issues and tools used to address problems in manufacturing systems, and managers with a technical background who want to become more familiar with manufacturing issues. The book has six chapters that have been arranged according to the sequence used when creating and operating a manufacturing system. Thus, the subjects emphasised are: the decision framework for manufacturing, the manufacturing processes, the manufacturing equipment and machine tools, the design for manufacturing and the operation of manufacturing systems. The book attempts a compromise between theory and practice in all addressed manufacturing systems issues, covering a long spectrum of issues from traditional manufacturing processes to innovative technologies such as Virtual Reality, Nanotechnology and Rapid Prototyping.
Overview of Manufacturing Processes.- Machine Tools and Manufacturing Equipment.- Process Planning.- The Design of Manufacturing Systems.- The Operation of Manufacturing Systems.
During the past twenty years, developments in the manufacturing world have revolutionized many aspects of the production process. The introduction of computer technology and automation have had a particularly great impact on manufacturing with a variety of consequences. One consequence is that manufacturing issues cannot be addressed as isolated problems; they require "systems thinking". Thus study and understanding of the behavior of manufacturing systems is an emerging field with a strong interdisciplinary character and increasing importance from an academic and industrial point of view. The purpose of this book is to provide some fundamental methods and tools which can be useful in addressing design and operation issues in manufacturing systems. It is intended as an advanced undergraduate/graduate text for students taking courses in manufacturing and manufacturing systems. The problem solution manual and laboratory handouts are available from the author.
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