Atomic Spectroscopy

Introduction to the Theory of Hyperfine Structure
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Generality is its distinctive feature
Introduction.- Part 1. Fine and Hyperfine Structure of Atomic Spectra.- Schrodinger Equation.- Variational Principle for Schrodinger Equation: Orbital Interaction in Hydrogen-like Atom.- Pauli Equation.- Relativistic Equation for Spin Zero Particle.- Dirac Equation.- Part II. Lamb Shift Theory.- Theory of Spin-1/2 Particles interacting with Electromagnetic Field.- Particle Motion in Static External Fields.- Origin of Lamb Shift.- Hydrogen Atom.
Atomic Spectroscopy provides a comprehensive discussion on the general approach to the theory of atomic spectra, based on the use of the Lagrangian canonical formalism. This approach is developed and applied to explain the hydrogenic hyperfine structure associated with the nucleus motion, its finite mass, and spin. The non-relativistic or relativistic, spin or spin-free particle approximations can be used as a starting point of general approach. The special attention is paid to the theory of Lamb shift formation. The formulae for hydrogenic spectrum including the account of Lamb shift are written in simple analytical form. The book is of interest to specialists, graduate and postgraduate students, who are involved into the experimental and theoretical research in the field of modern atomic spectroscopy.
Autor: Anatoli V. Andreev
Prof. Anatoli Andreev is a specialist in the field of laser physics, x-ray optics, quantum theory of light-matter interaction. He is the author of 10 journal-published review articles and 3 books. His research is supported by the grants of national and international scientific foundations.
Autor: Anatoli V. Andreev
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