Measurement Errors and Uncertainty

Theory and Practice
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Third edition of best selling practical reference for scientists and engineers on how to estimate errors and uncertainty of measurements in both experimental research and industry. Useful for students and theorists in metrology,as well as applied physicists, mechancial and electrical engineers, this new edition expands the coverage on indirect measurement and includes the most current research.
General Information About Measurements.- Measuring Instruments and Their Properties.- Prerequisites for the Analysis of the Inaccuracy of Measurements and for Synthesis of Their Components.- Statistical Methods for Experimental Data Processing.- Direct Measurements.- Indirect Measurements.- Examples of Measurements and Measurement Data Processing.- Combined Measurements.- Combining the Results of Measurements.- Calculation of the Errors of Measuring Instruments.- Problems in the Theory of Calibration.- Conclusion.
The objective of this book is to give well-grounded methods for estimation of the uncertainly of measurement results. Starting from the basics of metrology, the book studies this subject in detail, from theoretical analysis all the way to concrete practical recommendations in areas ranging from single measurements in industry, trade, etc. to multiplemeasurements in experimental sciences. The book derives these recommendations by systematic development of the measurement accuracy theory. An important aspect of this book is that it develops the theory from the strong practical perspective, by giving priority to the physical essence of the problems and paying special attention to properties of measuring instruments and their influence on the uncertainty of measurements. The book also presents basics on characterization, standardization and calibration of measuring instruments as well as methods for calculating limits of errors of measuring instruments. All recommendations are illustrated by detailed examples from measurements of both electrical and mechanical quantities.
Autor: Semyon G. Rabinovich
Rabinovich was head of the Laboratory of Theoretical Metrology at the All-Union State Research Institute of Metrology in the former Soviet Union. His theory of galvanometrical self-balancing instruments led to the creation of numerous new measuring devices.
Autor: Semyon G. Rabinovich
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