Updates in Diagnostic Pathology

563, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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Updates in Pathology provides pathologists, immunologists and pathologists/immunologists-in-training with a current view of basic pathology and immunology and its subdivisions, as well as topics in basic science, research and technology associated with pathology and immunology on all levels. Also discussed are the most recent advances in mechanisms of disease, new procedures and techniques of diagnostic pathology and immunology, and advancements and changes that have occurred in the last decade.
The selected fields encompass a wide range of timely topics encompassing anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, and basic science of value to the practicing pathologist and advanced trainee
Surgical Pathology of the Parathyroid Glands.- Uncommon and Relatively Uncommon Lesions of the Female Reproductive System.- Who is Who Among Urothelial Neoplasms?.- Diverticular Colitis.- Molecular Markers in Breast Cancer.- Cytology and Surgical Pathology of the Mediastinum.- Cytology and Surgical Pathology of Pleural Cavities.- Cytology and Surgical Pathology of Neoplasms of the Lung.- Endoscopic Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration of the Pancreas.- Using Imaging Data in Making Orthopedic Diagnoses.- Selected Case Studies in Hematopathology.- Aggressive B-Cell Lymphomas.- Demystifying the Diagnosis of Gliomas.- Odontogenic Tumors for General Pathologists.- Effective Communication of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Data by Pathologists to Clinicians.- Acquisition and Use of Digital Images for Pathology Education and Practice.
by CDs, but we continue to utilize the same general format of morning didactics and afternoon glass slide review and small group interactions. One of our biggest successes was in the ever-expanding set of didactic lecture notes and radiologic, gross, microscopic, ultrastructural, and other images that course participants received, so it wasn't much of a surprise when we were approached by the publisher to consider creating an updated compilation of some of the best talks and packaging them in a monograph available to a broader population of physicians and scientists. With the extraordinary attention to detail that he is known for, my co-editor David Chhieng has been both the brains and the brawn of this project, resulting in the bringing together of such a collection while trying to be sensitive and representative of the various branches of pathology reflected in the actual course. From surgical pathology, chapters cover select topics in endocrine, gynecologic, GU, and GI pathology with contributions from Walter Bell, Michael Conner, Katrin Klemm, and Audrey Lazenby, respectively. Tom Winokur has begun to prepare us for the near future with a treatise on molecular markers in breast cancer. The interactive nature of cytopathology and surgical pathology are brought together by Claudia Castro [now at the U. T. Medical Branch at Galveston] and David Chhieng in three chapters covering mediastinal, pleural, and pulmonary pathology.
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