Multidisciplinary Scheduling, Theory and Applications

1st International Conference, Mista '03 Nottingham, UK, 13-15 August 2003, Selected Papers
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The Multidisciplinary International Conference of Scheduling (MISTA) series, for the first time, offers researchers a specific conference where they can report results from any application area and from any discipline. This volume contains a set of selected, fully refereed, papers from the first conference
Fundamentals of Scheduling.- Multi-Criteria Scheduling.- Personnel Scheduling.- Scheduling In Space.- Scheduling the Internet.- Machine Scheduling.- Bin Packing.- Educational Timetabling.- Sports Scheduling.- Transport Scheduling.- Author Index.
Multidisciplinary Scheduling: Theory and Applications is a volume of nineteen reviewed papers that were selected from the sixty-seven papers presented during the First Multidisciplinary International Conference of Scheduling (MISTA). This is the initial volume of MISTA-the primary forum on interdisciplinary research on scheduling research. Each paper in the volume has been rigorously reviewed and carefully copyedited to ensure its readability.
The MISTA volume focuses on the following leading edge topics: Fundamentals of Scheduling, Multi-Criteria Scheduling, Personnel Scheduling, Scheduling in Space, Scheduling the Internet, Machine Scheduling, Bin Packing, Educational Timetabling, Sports Scheduling, and Transport Scheduling.
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