Oxidation of Alcohols to Aldehydes and Ketones

Basic Reactions in Organic Synthesis
A Guide to Current Common Practice, Academic/professional/technical: Research and professional
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Full experimental parts for important oxidations for preparing new organic chemicals are provided for use as a reference in laboratories, helps avoid the need to consult original research articles
Chromium-based Reagents.- Activated Dimethyl Sulfoxide.- Hypervalent Iodine Compounds.- Ruthenium-based Oxidations.- Oxidations Mediated by TEMPO and Related Stable Nitroxide Radicals (Anelli Oxidation).- Oxidations by Hydride Transfer from Metallic Alkoxide.- Fétizon's Reagent: Silver Carbonate on Celite®.- Selective Oxidations of Allylic and Benzylic Alcohols in the Presence of Saturated Alcohols.- Selective Oxidations of Primary Alcohols in Presence of Secondary Alcohols.- Selective Oxidations of Secondary Alcohols in Presence of Primary Alcohols.
The aim of this book is to help people performing routine operations in Organic Synthesis in a laboratory. This book, the first one in a series, focuses on the oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes and ketones. Probably, this is the most important routine operation in Organic Synthesis.
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