Gaseous Dielectrics X

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Basic Physics of Gaseous Dielectrics.- Gas-Discharge Behavior: Basic Mechanisms.- Partial Discharges: Mechanisms and Applications.- Gaseous Dielectrics as Plasma Processing Gases.- High Pressure Gas Dielectrics/Mixtures.- Gas Mixtures as Alternatives to SF6.- SF6 Insulated Apparatus: Diagnostics.- Gas-Insulated Transmission Lines.- Gas-Insulated Equipment.- Alternative Technologies.- Industrial Outlook: Reduction in SF6 Use and Emissions.- Banquet Talk.- Participants Photographs of Participants.-Author Index.- Subject Index.
The Tenth International Symposium on Gaseous Dielectrics was held at the Astir Palace Vouliagmeni Hotel, Athens, Greece, March 29-April 2, 2004. The symposium. continued the interdisciplinary character and comprehensive approach of the preceding nine symposia. Gaseous Dielectrics X is a detailed record of the symposium proceedings. It covers recent advances and developments in a wide range of basic, applied, and industrial areas of gaseous dielectrics. It is hoped that Gaseous Dielectrics X will aid future research and development in, and encourage wider industrial use of, gaseous dielectrics. The Organizing Committee of the Tenth International Symposium on Gaseous Dielectrics consisted of L. G. Christophorou (Chainnan, Greece), J. K. Olthoff (co-Chainnan, USA), A. Bulinski (Canada), A. H. Cookson (USA), C. T. Dervos (Greece), J. de Urquijo (Mexico), J. Blackman (USA), O. Farish (UK), M. E. Frechette (Canada), I. Gillimberti (Italy), A. Garscadden (USA), A. Gleizes (France), H. Hama (Japan), T. Kawamura (Japan), E. Marode (France), I. W. McAllister (Denmark), H. Morrison (Canada), A. H. Mufti (Saudi Arabia), L. Niemeyer (Switzerland), W. Pfeiffer (Germany), Y. Qiu (China), I. Sauers (USA), M. Schmidt (Germany), H.-H. Schramm (Germany), L. van der Zel (USA), S. Yanabu (Japan), Y. Wang (USA), and J. W. Wetzer (The Netherlands). The Local Arrangements Committee consisted of J. N. Avaritsiotis, P. Vassiliou, C. T. Dervos of The National Technical University of Athens, C. A. Stassinopoulos of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, and D.
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