Person-Centered Health Records

Health Informatics
Toward HealthePeople
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Person-Centered Health Records: Toward HealthePeople provides essential information on person-centered healthcare systems that will serve individuals throughout their lifetime, enabling a new approach to wellness that goes far beyond outpatient visits to the physician's office or hospitalizations. The book consists of three important sections: Person-Centered Health Systems, Building New Systems: Architectural Considerations, and Approaches to the New Systems Environment. Chapter highlights include Clinical Impact, Human Factors, Health Security and Privacy, Critical Standards Convergence, and much more.
Section I. Person-Centered Health Systems: The HealthePeople Concept. The Opportunity. Personal Outcomes. Clinical Impact. System Outcomes.- Section II. Building New Systems: Architectural Considerations. Human Factors. Challenges. Foundations. Health Security and Privacy. Models and Meta-Models. Vocabularies. Critical Areas of Standardization.- Section III. Approaches to the New Systems. Environment. Delivering Change. Open Source Health Systems. Critical Standards Convergence. Model Systems Around the Globe.
Divided into three sections for easy use, including examples from person-centered systems already in place in the US
Editors have brought together contributors from varied health care sectors in the United States and elsewhere public and private, not-for-profit and for-profit
Editiert von: James E. Demetriades, Robert M. Kolodner, Gary Christopherson
InhaltsangabeInventing the Future: Envisioning a New Health System.- Inverted Perspectives: Triggering Change.- A Window of Opportunity.- HealthePeople: Person-Centered, Outcomes-Driven, Virtual Health Systems.- The Value of Electronic Health Records.- Personal Outcomes in Health Care.- Human Factors: Changing Systems, Changing Behaviors.- Building the Future: Essential Technologies and Methodologies.- Laying the Foundations: Information Architecture for HealthePeople.- Critical Areas of Standardization.- The Role of Terminology in Future Health Information Systems.- Modeling for Health Care.- HealthePeople Security Architecture.- Open Source Health Systems.- Critical Standards Convergence.- Being in the Future: Case Studies.- A European Perspective on the Cultural and Political Context for Deploying the Electronic Health Record.- Convergence Toward the Pan-Canadian Electronic Health Record.- HealthConnect: A Health Information Network for All Australians.- The Veterans Health Administration: Quality, Value, Accountability, and Information as Transforming Strategies.
Autor: James E. Demetriades
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