Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance

Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics
From Risk Management to Options Pricing
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- Preface.- Introduction.- Probability I: Introduction to Discrete Probability.- Portfolio Management and the Capital Asset Pricing Model.- Background on Options.- An Aperitif on Arbitrage.- Probability II: More Discrete Probability.- Discrete-Time Pricing Models.- The Cox-Ross-Rubinstein Model.- Probability III: Continuous Probability.- The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Formula.- Optimal Stopping and American Options.- Appendix: Convexity and Separation.
The Mathematics of Finance has become a hot topic ever since the discovery of the Black-Scholes option pricing formulas in 1973. Unfortunately, there are very few undergraduate textbooks in this area. This book is specifically written for advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate students in mathematics, finance or economics. With the exception of an optional chapter on the Capital Asset Pricing Model, the book concentrates on discrete derivative pricing models, culminating in a careful and complete derivation of the Black-Scholes option pricing formulas as a limiting case of the Cox-Ross-Rubinstein discrete model. The final chapter is devoted to American options.The mathematics is not watered down, but is appropriate for the intended audience. No measure theory is used, and only a small amount of linear algebra is required. All necessary probability theory is developed throughout the book on a "need-to-know" basis. No background in finance is required, since the book also contains a chapter on options.
Autor: Steven Roman
Dr. Roman has authored 32 books, including a number of books on mathematics, such as Coding and Information Theory, Advanced Linear Algebra, and Field Theory, published by Springer-Verlag. He has also written Modules in Mathematics, a series of 15 small books designed for the general college-level liberal arts student. Besides his books for O'Reilly, Dr. Roman has written two other computer books, both published by Springer-Verlag.
Autor: Steven Roman
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