Noise Theory and Application to Physics

Advanced Texts in Physics
From Fluctuations to Information
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Noise in physics is related to a variety of domains, such as information theory, statistical physics, probability, stochastic processes and statistics. Noise Theory and Application to Physics provides a general background on noise theory, along with techniques to describe and extract information in the presence of fluctuations, with the goal of featuring noise in the context of its connection with other domains. Readers will gain a deep understanding of noise theory, while acquiring systematic techniques for describing and extracting noise data.
From the contents:
Introduction.- Fluctuations and Covariance.- Limit Theorem and Fluctuations.- Information and Fluctuations.- Thermodynamic Fluctuations.- Classical Statistics Estimation.- Estimation Examples in Physics.- Bibliography.- Index.
This is a unique approach to noise theory and its application to physical measurements that will find its place among the graduate course books. In a very systematic way, the foundations are laid and applied in a way that the book will also be useful to those not focusing on optics. Exercises and solutions help students to deepen their knowledge.
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