Bayesian Evaluation of Informative Hypotheses

Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences
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This book provides a step-by-step explanation aimed mainly at social scientists, of how to formulate and evaluate a set of informative hypotheses (including references to software). It is a comprehensive book that can easily be accessed by social scientists introducing and elaborating the approach from a philosophical, statistical and psychological point of view.
A philosophical foundation of null, alternative and informative hypotheses, Jan-Willem Romeijn and Rens van de Schoot.- Famous psychological data sets and hypotheses, Paul Boelen and Herbert Hoijtink.- Sampling the posterior distributions of inequality constrained models, Irene Klugkist and Joris Mulder.- Encompassing priors, Irene Klugkist.- Intrinsic bayes factors, Jim Berger.- Bayes factors without priors, Valen Johnson.- Applications of bayes factors based on differenct prior distributions to classical psychological data sets, Paul Boelen, Floryt van Wesel and Herbert Hoijtink.- The bayes factor versus hypothesis testing using P-values, Susie Bayarri.- The bayes factor versus other model selection criteria, Ming Chen.- Inequality constrained latent class analysis, Herbert Hoijtink.- Inequality constrained multilevel analysis, Bernet Kato and Paul Boelen.- Inequality constrained analysis of contingency tables, Olav Laudy and Paul Boelen.- A philosopher of sciences view on informed hypotheses, Colin Howson.- A psychologists view on informed hypotheses, Marcel van den Hout and Marleen Rijkeboer.- A statisticians view on informed hypotheses, Jay Myung.
This book provides an overview of the developments in the area of Bayesian evaluation of informative hypotheses that took place since the publication of the ?rst paper on this topic in 2001 [Hoijtink, H. Con?rmatory latent class analysis, model selection using Bayes factors and (pseudo) likelihood ratio statistics. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 36, 563-588]. The current state of a?airs was presented and discussed by the authors of this book during a workshop in Utrecht in June 2007. Here we would like to thank all authors for their participation, ideas, and contributions. We would also like to thank Sophie van der Zee for her editorial e?orts during the construction of this book. Another word of thanks is due to John Kimmel of Springer for his con?dence in the editors and authors. Finally, we would like to thank the Netherlands Organization for Scienti?c Research (NWO) whose VICI grant (453-05-002) awarded to the ?rst author enabled the organization of the workshop, the writing of this book, and continuation of the research with respect to Bayesian evaluation of informative hypotheses.
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