Challenging Mathematics In and Beyond the Classroom

12, New ICMI Study Series
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This book contains challenges for both gifted and regular students, and is concerned with building public interest in appreciation of mathematics. A prestigious group of international researchers contributed to this work.
Comprehensive treatment of the topic
Challenging Problems: Mathematical Contents and Sources.- Challenges Beyond the Classroom-Sources and Organizational Issues.- Technological Environments beyond the Classroom.- Challenging Tasks and Mathematics Learning.- Mathematics in Context: Focusing on Students.- Teacher Development and Mathematical Challenge.- Challenging Mathematics: Classroom Practices.- Curriculum and Assessment that Provide Challenge in Mathematics.
In the mid 1980s, the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) inaugurated a series of studies in mathematics education by comm- sioning one on the influence of technology and informatics on mathematics and its teaching. These studies are designed to thoroughly explore topics of c- temporary interest, by gathering together a group of experts who prepare a Study Volume that provides a considered assessment of the current state and a guide to further developments. Studies have embraced a range of issues, some central, such as the teaching of algebra, some closely related, such as the impact of history and psychology, and some looking at mathematics education from a particular perspective, such as cultural differences between East and West. These studies have been commissioned at the rate of about one per year. Once the ICMI Executive decides on the topic, one or two chairs are selected and then, in consultation with them, an International Program Committee (IPC) of about 12 experts is formed. The IPC then meets and prepares a Discussion Document that sets forth the issues and invites interested parties to submit papers. These papers are the basis for invitations to a Study Conference, at which the various dimensions of the topic are explored and a book, the Study Volume, is sketched out. The book is then put together in collaboration, mainly using electronic communication. The entire process typically takes about six years.
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