Fundamentals of Powder Diffraction and Structural Characterization of Materials

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Comprehensive and detailed coverage making it useful for both the novice and experienced user of the powder diffraction method.
Fundamentals of Crystalline State and Crystal Lattice.- Finite Symmetry Elements and Crystallographic Point Groups.- Infinite Symmetry Elements and Crystallographic Space Groups.- Formalization of Symmetry.- Nonconventional Symmetry.- Properties, Sources, and Detection of Radiation.- Fundamentals of Diffraction.- The Powder Diffraction Pattern.- Structure Factor.- Solving the Crystal Structure.- Powder Diffractometry.- Collecting Quality Powder Diffraction Data.- Preliminary Data Processing and Phase Analysis.- Determination and Refinement of the Unit Cell.- Solving Crystal Structure from Powder Diffraction Data.- Crystal Structure of LaNi4.85Sn0.15.- Crystal Structure of CeRhGe3.- Crystal Structure of Nd5Si4.- Empirical Methods of Solving Crystal Structures.- Crystal Structure of NiMnO2(OH).- Crystal Structure of ,i.tma V3O71.- Crystal Structure of ma2Mo7O221.- Crystal Structure of Mn7(OH)3(VO4)41.- Crystal Structure of FePO4.- Crystal Structure of Acetaminophen, C8H9NO2.
A little over ?ve years have passed since the first edition of this book appeared in print. Seems like an instant but also eternity, especially considering numerous developments in the hardware and software that have made it from the laboratory test beds into the real world of powder diffraction. This prompted a revision, which had to be beyond cosmetic limits. The book was, and remains focused on standard laboratory powder diffractometry. It is still meant to be used as a text for teaching students about the capabilities and limitations of the powder diffraction method. We also hope that it goes beyond a simple text, and therefore, is useful as a reference to practitioners of the technique. The original book had seven long chapters that may have made its use as a text - convenient. So the second edition is broken down into 25 shorter chapters. The first fiffteen are concerned with the fundamentals of powder diffraction, which makes it much more logical, considering a typical 16-week long semester. The last ten ch- ters are concerned with practical examples of structure solution and re?nement, which were preserved from the first edition and expanded by another example - R solving the crystal structure of Tylenol .
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